Llama Architects - Timeless Italian Luxury & Llama Group

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Posted: 16.01.19

Timeless Italian Luxury & Llama Group

The Llama Group are very pleased to announce that they are now representing another luxury Italian brand from their Cheshire showroom. During 2018, the group’s interior design team were able to visit the brand’s Milan showroom. Their latest collection features everything from sofas and chaise longues to linear-shaped storage units, impeccable in every detail. The contemporary Italian design timed with their use of prestigious materials were a perfect fit for the Llama Group and Janey Butler Interior projects. The award-winning practice operating throughout Cheshire and the North West are delighted to be collaborating with the Italian furniture manufacturers this year and look forward to designing spaces that feature their pieces in their upcoming full home renovations.

Reimagining classic and timeless styles to create contemporary pieces for the home and keeping up to date with the ever-evolving world of interior design has become a hallmark of the brand. This ensures the pieces don’t fall into the box of short-lived trends, but rather, classic pieces with contemporary appeal.

Entirely manufactured in Italy, the company’s commitment to construct quality pieces is evident throughout the collection, with emphasis on expert craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail, using luxurious fabrics and finishes. The rich range of textiles such as linen, cotton, velvet, chenille and soft full grain leather conveys the uncompromising quality and refined elegance in which the brand stand for.

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