Llama Architects - Our Visit to Sky Frame HQ in Zurich

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Posted: 18.07.16

Our Visit to Sky Frame HQ in Zurich

Sky-Frame is the world’s leading sliding window system. Their prominent position within the industry has been achieved through technical expertise and knowledge of architectural and spatial design. Sky-Frame supply products globally and have won numerous prestigious design and business awards for their frameless sliding windows.

The Sky-Frame philosophy centers around the concept that the frameless sliding windows and the flush transition between ‘indoors and outdoors’ produce exceptional architectural creations, together with an unbounded spatial experience. Their design results in spectacular vistas and the company standby their mantra, "A View not a Window".

The Swiss company designs feature floor to ceiling and wall to wall glazing to create a seamless transition and free flowing spaces and the frameless filigree sliding windows mean it is hard to tell where the interior ends and the view begins.

Sky frame 1
Sky frame outide
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IMG 4571
Schloessli woerth by night