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Posted: 13.04.21

Oak Porches & Entrances

Oak porches are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. They offer practical benefits as well as adding timeless character and value to your property. From simple open structures to glazed enclosed entrances, oak frames create an attractive statement to the front of your house.

Whether it is utilising an existing front door or installing a new one, a porch is a great architectural feature that can transform a house’s entrance. Canopy style covers provide protection from the weather while a fully enclosed structure doubles as an entrance hall or boot room.

Oak is extremely weather resistant and can last for hundreds of years. It requires little or no maintenance and should never need to be replaced. There are a range of designs available from ready made kits to bespoke, but the overall design of the house should be the deciding factor in the design of the porch.

Take a look at some of our beautiful oak framed entrances below.

Llama Architects Oak Porch Alderley Edge
Llama Architects Alderley Edge
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Llama Architects Oak and Glass
Llama Architects Forest Cottage
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Llama Architects Oak Porches
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