Llama Architects - New Design Studios for Llama and JBI

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Posted: 02.03.18

New Design Studios for Llama and JBI

Welcome to Llama Group

Llama Architects, Janey Butler Interiors and Cria Construction have turned collective vision and design into beautiful new studios that aren't just a stylish workspace, but also a showcase of Llama Group's award-winning architecture, construction and interior design.

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Bespoke features

We have completed a bespoke Redwood 6 meter long workstation and surrounded it with soft, muted tones, the perfect place for our ambitious team to complete dynamic, challenging and future award winning projects.

Attention to detail

Throughout the rest of the studios, attention to detail can be seen everywhere. We have put as much care and attention into our own space as we will into your space, so you can really get a feel for how Llama & JBI work in harmony.

Have you got a project?

Have you got a project for Llama Group? We are unique in the market place to offer a true, design to turn-key service. We are not ‘just’ Architects, Interior Designers or a Construction Company, and we only offer the ‘Complete’ turn-key service with all elements brought together from our design studio / RIBA Architects practice.

This way we can guarantee not only a stress free, and cost effective journey for our clients, but also the level of finish which we as a group of companies working together have become renowned for.

If you are interested in a project or booking an appointment at our showroom, please email info@llamagroup.co.uk.