Llama Architects - Milan Design Week

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Posted: 16.04.19

Milan Design Week

The largest trade fair of its kind in the world, the annual exhibition held from 9th -14th April showcased the very latest in pioneering furnishings from top designers around the globe.

A euphoric celebration of awe-inspiring innovation, creative talents and exuberating flair; the team were immersed in an international congregation of the world’s finest designers, unveiling their latest creative vision in a kaleidoscopic plethora of exhibitions, pop-ups and product launches.

Visiting the Brera design district, the epicentre of Milan’s creative and cultural development; taking time to explore the wider regions of the city, sampling an illustrious selection of Italy’s signature culinary delights. This year was undeniably filled with dazzling colour; from lighting to design, punctuations of bright and bold featuring in numerous inspiring collections.

Not a moment was wasted as the team attended a dizzying array of events; greeting old friends and meeting new, emerging talents from the world of design. The week-long event is not only paramount inspiration for current projects and showroom displays; it also allows the team to cultivate invaluable relationships with international designers. This exclusive access to the very best from around the world is a signature of the Llama Group, and the impeccable reputation earnt by Janey Butler Interiors and the team throughout the years.

Here are just a select few of many highlights MDW19 had to offer for:

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