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Posted: 01.06.18

Luxury Home: Master Bathroom

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci

Llama Group and Janey Butler Interiors have contrived another luxury home project with the flair and style they are known for across the world. A balanced space with pure aesthetic pleasure for their clients' master bathroom suite was created, affording them the sumptuous spa experience they crave to counter act the daily stresses of a busy professional life.

The team created a simplistic, stylish space to reflect the client's appetite for relaxation with ambitious, contemporary designs that has manifested into a serene spa style space which is filled with sustainable materials, making it not only timelessly beautiful, but tenable for future generations.

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Conspicuous use of natural materials, contemporary design and stylish Janey Butler Interiors command repose in this stylish, simplistic space. Flooded with natural light, the master bathroom suite has been designed to the highest standard and invites a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Bringing the design to life was no easy task. The stone bath which was one tonne in weight had to be craned into the space and the floor reinforced with steel to carry it.

Large format porcelain tiles which measure 3.2 metres high x 2.4 metres wide were chosen to compliment the natural stone of the bath, and fittings in a stunning gun metal finish made from sustainable materials were built into the space, making a wonderful statement against the natural stone colour palette.

These exquisite fittings offer a sleek contrast to the striking use of high-quality materials. The fittings are made from superb brushed stainless steel with a PVD coating and all taps are equipped with a water saving aerator making it not only stylish, but beautifully economical as well.

These fixtures and fittings can be seen throughout and showcase the quality Scandinavian and Dutch craftsmanship as well as the ultra-modern engineering that has seen each item created with ingenuity, efficiency and with a clear focus on environmentally friendly solutions.

There is a bespoke piece of rare black Popla wood a-top the stone bath that provides contrasting tones, adds depth and showcases the quality of the natural, contemporary design.

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