Llama Architects - Llama Group Visit Collaborator’s Milan Showroom

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Posted: 30.04.18

Llama Group Visit Collaborator’s Milan Showroom

Last week the Llama Group & Janey Butler Interiors were invited as VIP guests to one of our favourite supplier’s stands at the Salone del Mobile in Milan to view their stunning new collection of furniture & lighting. Our Cheshire showroom and architectural design studio also features many of their stunning leather pieces, so Janey & her designers were very keen to view their latest new designs in Italy.

Previous collaborations have been with talented designers Paola Navone, Draga Obradovic & Aurel Basedow, Roberto Lazzeroni, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Pietro Russo and Antonino Sciortino. For their latest collection we see Baxter push the boundaries of interior design yet again as they collaborate with Studio Pepe, Fedrico Peri and Hagit Pincovici.

Describing their collection beautifully: “the compositional freedom and the mastery in the art of the eccentric combination, hallmark of the company, are emphasised by the combination of different styles and eras. A mix that does not appear chaotic but that takes on a special balance, as if all the elements were seen through a multicoloured kaleidoscope. It is the curiosity and the passion for beauty in all its forms that pushes not to follow a single path, but to experiment with the combination of unusual colours and materials.”

It's fair to say that their experimentation with texture, colour and reconnecting with nature in their 2018 showroom means they are a perfect fit for Janey Butler Interiors style, which is why we are excited to feature their stunning pieces in our latest projects which we will be adding to our projects page soon.