Llama Architects - JBI Visit Baxter's Milan Showroom

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Posted: 13.10.17

JBI Visit Baxter's Milan Showroom

Last week we at Janey Butler Interiors were invited as VIP guests to visit Italian designer Baxter's showroom in Milan. With the launch of our new designer showroom and architectural studio which features many pieces of the Baxter collection, it was a perfect opportunity for our Interior Designers to visit the Baxter showroom and studio to get to know the brand and see how their furniture is made.

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Our recent trip to Italy was such a wonderful experience, and both Helena and I have come back feeling truly inspired, a little spoilt and very much welcomed into the Baxter ‘family’. Their offices, in a beautiful setting that almost rivals our own are filled with people who are clearly passionate about the brand, and that passion is infectious. We were excited to see the new collection with its slightly retro influence and feel the buttery soft leathers in the new exciting colours. My understanding of the brand, particularly the amount of knowledge, time, creativity and attention to detail that goes into each piece has given me a deeper appreciation for each piece both new and old. Particular favourites for me where the Viktor sofa in it’s new modular format, the iconic Chester Moon in new colours and the Jenga Tables combining different coloured concretes and tactile charred fir.

- Lizzie Mackey, Interior Designer for JBI