Llama Architects - Janey Butler Interiors visits the exclusive Design Brand Vola, in Denmark

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Posted: 06.10.16

Janey Butler Interiors visits the exclusive Design Brand Vola, in Denmark

Vola is an exclusive design brand which represents the best of Scandinavian design, producing taps, showers, towel rails and stylish accessories.

Vola mixers, taps, showers, towel rails and accessories are made from solid brass and gun metal with a few components in stainless steel and all valve housings are made using dezincification resistant brass.

Products can be bespoke to ensure that the end result is a perfect fit for the interior space and meets with the clients exact requirements and design specification of the project. It is this combination of the very latest technology, attention to detail within the design together with a handcrafted approach which makes Vola the very best in their field.

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Janey Butler Interiors spent the day at the Vola Academy. This impressive building reflects the minimalist design of Vola products, with it's lean and stylish design. The building houses a double-height auditorium, meeting and conference rooms and a double-height ‘museum corridor’. This corridor houses display cabinets built into the concrete walls showing a selection of fully functioning VOLA products.

As a brand their philosophy is very much based on the fact that they are a family company. They always produce their products in Denmark, using the highest quality raw materials and as a company they take care to preserve resources such as energy and water.

The Vola Academy hosts gatherings for architects and designers together with carefully selected specialist installers. The best in the industry are invited to study every aspect of the Vola range and its applications.

Janey Butler Interiors was able to tour the academy and view production first hand. They were able to see the work and detail which goes into each product and how the methods of production ensure that there is no or minimal waste of raw materials during manufacture. Janey would like to say a huge thank you to Amaya, Carmen and Beverley for inviting both herself and Andy, Director of The Llama Group to visit the Vola Head Quarters and for their wonderful hospitality.