Llama Architects - Creating Outdoor Entertainment Living Spaces

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Posted: 18.10.17

Creating Outdoor Entertainment Living Spaces

With more and more of our clients wanting to entertain and relax in the beautifully designed homes that we as a design studio create for them, it is becoming increasingly common for us to receive requests for outdoor living and entertaining spaces to be designed and added to their homes.

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These initial designs take into consideration numerous concepts including the clients lifestyle, the style/period of their home and ultimate purpose of the outdoor space. Sticking with our signature natural colour palettes and innovative designs, we can really focus in on every detail by only using the highest quality materials, stylish designer furniture & factoring in home-automation technology which not only enhances but beautifies the outdoor space.

Using technologies such as Sky-Frame opening systems within our architectural designs, a premium Swiss product featuring frameless large-format glass panels, allowing us to turn our creative designs into a stylish reality for our clients. To view some of our latest stylish indoor- outdoor living spaces visit our Llama Architects website.