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Posted: 19.03.21

Black Brick at Alderley Edge

An important element of any architectural design scheme is the choice of materials used externally. The choices available are endless and it is important as architects that we make well-considered decisions during the design process, as this can change the whole look and feel of the building.

Based in the picturesque location of Cheshire’s Alderley Edge, Alderley Lodge is a handsome Arts and Crafts house. The client wanted to open up the house internally and add additional space to the rear, more suited for modern living. We wanted to create a contemporary extension that complimented the period charm of the property.

The key element of the design process for this project was finding the right material to use for the extension. We knew we wanted to keep the colour palette monochrome and looked at options from black brick to charred timber. The challenge was to find a modern material that didn’t have a detrimental impact on the architectural heritage of the existing house. After looking through several options we decided that a black brick would be the most suitable option.

We found a dark Danish handmade brick that seemed well suited to the project. The waterstruck bricks are made on machines that replicate the way bricks were made by hand to give them that natural non-uniform look. The coal-firing process gives the bricks a unique distinct colour palette.

As well as using the bricks in a traditional pattern, the brickwork was used to create interesting elements in the extension. Brick specials were used to create a recessed window seat detail and a protruding pattern was created along the side elevation.

Large aluminium frame windows and black framed Skyframe sliding doors break up the brickwork and open up the extension into the garden.

You can see more images of the completed project, including stunning Janey Butler Interiors, here.

Alderley Lodge exterior
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