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Posted: 09.04.19

Award-winning smart home solutions

Llama Group were very pleased to hear that they had won another award for their flawless smart home solutions within their luxury residential project. The Global Home Technology Award by Creston was for the 'Best User Interface' in the world on their Alderley Edge project. The user interface is a bespoke programme by Ultamation that runs on the smart devices throughout the property, such as, touchpanels, iPhone & iPad apps and any remotes that the users interact with.

Creston are the world's leading innovator of advanced control and automation systems for the home. "The Crestron Global Home Technology Awards recognise the most innovative among these projects worldwide. They represent true excellence in control and home automation, and exceed customer expectations."

This award was in addition to the existing awards the architecturally stunning project has won, including 'Best UK private residence Interior Design' at the International Property awards and 'Best Global Smart Home' at the Cedia awards.

Emerging home automation is revolutionising how our clients live at home, and can make everyday more convenient and comfortable for those with busy lifestyles, as well as safer and more energy-efficient. Smart home technology allows the client to control their devices from smart apps and devices. The home owners are able to control and monitor connected home systems remotely, whether they're home or away.

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The clients were delighted with the results, saying “Our home has undergone extensive remodelling and with addition of the new wing, which brings contemporary design into position with the original architecture so we needed to bring the technology into the modern era too. We’re not technophiles, so it was important that the final product should enhance our lifestyles, rather than get in the way, and the guys have given us just that. We can watch any type of TV in any room, pause in one place and resume in another, and having the house and gardens filled with music when we, or the children, are entertaining creates a perfect party atmosphere. I’m sure there’s a lot going on behind the scenes but, for us, there’s nothing complicated– the wall panels give us immediate access to everything from security to heating to lighting to entertainment and the system adapts to outside events – so when someone comes to the gate, the panel is already showing the camera and all of the intercom and gate controls. We were surprised by how the handheld remotes give us so much control across the system and that the remote adapts to whatever we’re doing – watching TV one minute, adjusting the lights the next, and checking the cameras another. The whole process has been effortless.”

Home automation isn't exclusive to this project, the award-winning team of experts at Llama Group design and install systems into all of their residential and commercial projects and continue to present the unlimited possibilities for the home and office to meet the needs of their clients. The award-winning user interface is featured in the Llama Group Cheshire showroom which has previously won 'Best Showroom' in the world at the 2016 CEDIA awards. The intelligent space showcases expertly designed smart home technology, and gives clients a taste of what is possible on their own project.


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