Llama Architects - A road well-travelled

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Posted: 10.07.19

A road well-travelled

First stop for the team was Denmark, where Group Founder Andy and Design Director Adam met with a new and innovative supplier to source bespoke handcrafted bricks for our latest project.

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Next, they jetted off to Holland, catching up with our wonderful friends at Piet Boon, the incredible design studio who create just some of the exclusive furniture pieces currently featuring in our Cheshire Show Home. From there Janey and the rest of the team took in the new lighting collection from our friends at Brand Van Egmond, the latest flooring selections at Carpetlinq and stunning contemporary furniture at Linteloo.

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As glamorous as the team’s travels sound, their purpose was very much focused on business. We hand-source each and every one of our suppliers from around the world to allow clients access to the latest innovation and an entirely unique timeless aesthetic. Supplying only the very best in quality and design and working alongside companies with ethics and ethos that fit with ours is at the heart of everything we do.

With new and exciting ventures on the horizon, we can’t wait to share more exciting finds with you.


Have you got a project for Llama Group? We are unique in the market place to offer a true, design to turn-key service. We are not ‘just’ Architects, Interior Designers or a Construction Company, and we only offer the ‘Complete’ turn-key service with all elements brought together from our design studio / RIBA Architects practice.

This way we can guarantee not only a stress free, and cost effective journey for our clients, but also the level of finish which we as a group of companies working together have become renowned for.

If you are interested in a project or booking an appointment at our showroom, please email info@llamagroup.co.uk.