Llama Architects - 4 Luxurious Living Spaces

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Posted: 01.08.18

4 Luxurious Living Spaces

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The Llama Group design and create beautiful luxurious living spaces that are always at the cutting edge of home automation technology, using Creston systems and Lutron lighting solutions throughout. The design team's concepts are determined by numerous influences, ranging from rustic outdoor elements to travelling around the world exploring beautiful cities, architecture and design.

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1. Forest Cottage

Nestled within the beautiful Cheshire countryside you’ll discover Forest cottage. Fine open gardens offer a sleek contrast to this contemporary home and bridge the gap between nature and architecture with seamless, versatile design.

Turning this architecturally adventurous structure’s interior into a luxury living space saw the interior arm of Llama Group, Janey Butler Interior’s, conceive a contemporary, serene space combining ultra-modern technology, sumptuous furnishings and the firm’s signature inclusion of natural materials.

This is just one of many meticulously planned and expertly executed living spaces that form a portfolio of pure luxury and nature working harmoniously at Llama Group.

2. Knutsford Barn

In Knutsford, Llama Group reinvented traditions and created a stylish yet practical living space for one of their high-profile clients, which won multiple design and architecture awards.

This project featured luxury contemporary design with beautiful natural elements whilst enhancing the unique qualities of the existing barn.

A highly complex, cantilevered Sky-Frame system as well as a number of pioneering/eco technologies were used on this ground breaking project.

3. Edge View House

Effortlessly chic, this living area has been created in conjunction with a space creating extension used to completely redesign a previous extension throughout the 1st floor whilst helping to preserve the integrity of the original period cottage.

Minimal but contemporary artwork is combined with statement lighting to add interest, whilst neutral colour tones paired with sumptuous furnishings create a space that offers a serene and luxurious experience of relaxation; achieving the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

4. Lakeview House

Our latest beautifully located project, started life as a large interior fit out, and turned into a very complex structural building project with associated planning permissions.

The main ground floor living area was extended, with various walls and supports removed as well as a 16 metre, fully automated Sky-frame section added to maximise natural light as well as enabled our clients to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and gardens, connecting them with nature and providing them with a beautiful space for them to relax and unwind.

A fully integrated AV and Lighting System was fitted as well as various complex moving walls and artwork to conceal large TV’s in the main living areas.

All new custom made furniture and lighting was installed from our unique suppliers all over the world making this one of the most impressive projects that Llama and JBI has undertaken.