Llama Architects

Contemporary Extension


Having purchased the property newly built only twelve months prior to engaging with Llama Architects, our clients had struggled with how to effectively add space to the ground floor of their home to suit their needs.

The proposed design makes subtle reference to the original house in the articulation of materials, translating the red sandstone details of the house into a crisp contemporary cladding system, framing large sliding glazed openings onto the established garden.

On a challenging site with neighbours in close proximity, the form of the extension is carefully carved to frame select views, drawing light into an otherwise dark and shaded property. The roof form pitches to East and West to extenuate the expanse of large window openings and to offer unobstructed appreciation of large tree canopies, a key characteristic in the local Conservation Area.

A band of structural glass at the centre of the extension is designed to form a powerful axis through the centre of the home where a tree lined vista is brought into prominence from the front door and the arrival to the home.

The size and scale of the addition is modest and appropriate to the house, to the site and to the client’s needs. With utmost attention paid to the materials and the detail of the interface from one to the next, the extension is designed to juxtapose the house in its form whilst remaining subservient to it in its elegant simplicity.